Books by Rebecca Meredith

The Last of the Pascagoula Book Cover“Once upon a time this here river was where a tribe of Indians lived—the Pascagoula Indians. They was just as quiet a bunch of folks as you could want, didn’t hurt nobody, minded they own business, just fished and trapped and lived on the water…”

1968—Kate Lynn doesn’t know how she and her sister Martha are going to survive their mother’s terrible death or being suddenly transplanted to their grandparents’ home in Pascagoula, Mississippi. In fact, the only thing she loves about Pascagoula is the story of the Indian tribe that walked into the Pascagoula River rather than be conquered. Kate finds a like soul in Tom Carmody, a gay teenager in a snuff-dipping world. Through Tom she meets Claire, the daughter of the town communist, and Felicia and Gator Bill, performers in the circus that winters on the coast. She also meets Martha, the fierce little black dog that shares her sister’s name, and eventually becomes a part of the girl in a way no one could have imagined. Together they discover the mysteries of Pascagoula, only to end up scarred by an accident that alters their lives forever.

2005—Kate Lynn has devoted years to bringing her talented, fragile sister Martha’s extraordinary art to the world, while her own life has never quite gotten off the ground. One day, a package arrives from an old friend, a message that will call Kate back to Pascagoula, where she and Martha began the journey they were now being called to complete.

Readers who love such Southern inspired novels as The Help, Swamplandia! and The Secret Life of Bees will enjoy The Last of the Pascagoula.

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Look Up from the Water Book CoverThe long-awaited sequel to The Last of the Pascagoula.Kate Lynn thought she’d left all her problems back in Bayou Eau Claire, along with her sister Martha and her reluctance to jump into a life left fallow too long. But five years, a lot of wandering, and one earnest Seattle man later, she still can’t connect and commit. Now, with her beloved coast threatened by a man-made disaster and the tranquility of Bayou Eau Claire threatened by the pending arrival of a former nemesis, Kate returns to old friends, old fears, and a pair of catastrophes that change everyone’s lives.

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